When Workday Texts Lead to Nighttime Tales

Coffee Breaks and Cheeky Texts

Hey there, fabulous reader! We’ve all been there, right? Clocking in those extra hours, facing the relentless wave of spreadsheets, reports, and oh-so-enthusiastic bosses (can you sense the sarcasm?). By the time your precious coffee break rolls around, you’re just about ready to chug that caffeine and daydream about literally anything else.

But what if I told you there’s a couple out there that’s got a whole different approach to ‘break time’? Instead of mindlessly scrolling through memes or contemplating life’s existence, they’re reminiscing. Not about the summer of ’69, but about the sultry nights they shared. Yep, you read that right! Let’s just say, their coffee breaks. They’re brewing with a lot more than just Arabica beans.

Tools of the Trade: Spicing Things Up!

Look, variety is the spice of life, and sometimes that variety comes in the form of…enhancements. And hey, no judgment here! We all have our favorite “toys” and “gadgets”. For some, it’s the latest iPhone, and for others, it’s something that adds a bit more… ‘oomph’ to the bedroom. It’s all about keeping the spirit of adventure alive, even if it’s in the form of an extra inch or two!

This is the story:

Normally we both work long days but we take the time to enjoy some “us” time without the kiddos. When my lover and I have been working all day and we succumb to number calculations and paper pushing, we both get bored and sad.

But when we both finally get that 15-minute break. We text each other about the night before on how we had the greatest orgasms. Of course, not everyone uses sex toys, but when we do, we become a fantasy of lovemaking explorers. When I use a penis extension with just the right amount of girth and length she fantasizes how every extra inch fills her lovely throbbing pink vagina.

Every sex position that she wants is explored and penetrated with my manhood + 2 inches, she makes me move at her sexual pace. And when It is my turn I take control of the pace and flip her on her knees as my favorite position is doggystyle. I put her butt high in the air, and arch her back as her chest touches the bed, so I can give her the extra inches she deeply wants. She starts to breathe rapidly as I start giving her all I got from my toy. It reaches a spot in her and I feel how deep she enjoys it.

I get turned on as we both feel it deep and that “spot” She screams with joy and we both orgasm until we look up to the ceiling with smiles on our faces. (This was one of our actual fantasies we did in Vegas) What happens in Vegas continues in our bedroom 😉

Written by: Thermo missle

To Wrap It Up!

To wrap things up, here’s a little food for thought: passion isn’t just about the present moment; it’s about cherishing the memories and letting them fuel your current flame. For our adventurous duo, memories of wild nights in the city of sin are the perfect recipe for heating things up in their everyday life.

So the next time you’re on your coffee break, maybe skip the news updates and transport yourself to a memory that makes you grin. It might not be as ‘risqué’ as our couple’s, but hey, everyone’s got their own version of Vegas, right? And who knows? Those cheeky midday texts might just be the secret to keeping that spark alive and kicking. After all, as the saying goes, “A couple that reminisces together, stays sizzling together.” (Okay, maybe that’s not a real saying, but it should be!)

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