Hospital Escapades A Surprising Turn to Labor

Oh, hospitals. Sterile, quiet, a place where time seems to stretch infinitely. Usually, when one thinks of a hospital, words like “thrilling” or “spicy” don’t exactly come to mind. It’s typically more about the cold jello, squeaky shoes, and the rhythmic beep of machines. But every now and then, between the IV drips and the nurse checks, something entirely unexpected can light up those bleached-white halls. And folks, have we got a tale for you!

The Stage is Set

At the intersection of motherhood and passion, sometimes a couple finds themselves in a predicament. They’re about to welcome a new life, but hey, why not celebrate the way they created that life in the first place?

A Partner with Plans

Now, when the partner packed the bag for the hospital stay, there were a few extra items on the checklist – diapers, onesies, and, of course, a remote control vibrator. (We’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure that wasn’t on the recommended list.)

Rising Tension Amidst Beeping Monitors

The unexpected can indeed be a thrill. But trying to hold back an explosion of pleasure while medical professionals bustle about? Now that’s an Olympic-level challenge.

This is the story:

Here goes….I was in the hospital trying to have my baby and nothing was working so when the nurse walked out my partner started fingering me. When I tell you I wanted to come out of that bed and rip him to shreds I was having to hold myself back.

He brought our remote control vibrator with us so he could control me in the hospital and turned that thing on so fast and so high that I was trying to hold back my orgasm so I could save it for him. I told the nurse I was ready to shower and the very moment they walked out I had him pinned up and made him look me in the eyes while I was cumming in his mouth.

We then proceeded to have sex in every position possible and the bathroom smelled like sex from our juices flowing. Needless to say, this momma had the most amazing time in the hospital.

Written by: MommaBear

Some Delightful Lessons from Unexpected Places

Life is full of surprises. And this delightful tale from our reader is a testament to that. Hospitals might be for healing, but who says they can’t be places of connection and intimacy too? There’s probably a lesson here about making the most of unexpected moments or finding passion in the most surprising places. Or maybe the lesson is just to double-check your packing list before heading to the maternity ward.

To Wrap It Up!

So, next time you find yourself in a seemingly dreary situation, remember: life’s spicy moments can pop up when you least expect them. Stay open, stay adventurous, and keep those stories coming. We live for them!

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