Flipping the Switch: From Stage Lights to Bedroom Delights

Behind the Sparkling Curtains

Ah, the dazzling world of strippers! Filled with glitz, glamour, and… misconceptions? Most envision this realm as a continuous whirlwind of sultry rendezvous. The reality? It’s more like baring your soul while navigating a maze of personal challenges. Being in the spotlight isn’t just about flaunting what Mother Nature blessed you with. Often, it’s about acting a part, playing to an audience, and in some cases, disconnecting from your own desires.

A Mind-Body Dance

Isn’t it funny how certain professions come with their own set of expectations? The stereotypical image of a confident and always-aroused dancer can be as misleading as expecting a chef to always crave gourmet meals. For many, the stage becomes a place of performance, where the mind and body don’t always tango in harmony. It’s like having a fancy remote but not quite knowing which buttons to press.

Rewriting the Script in the Prime Years

Age, as they say, is just a number. But as the digits pile on, the quest for authentic pleasure can become a pressing narrative. For some, the later years provide the perfect canvas to paint new experiences, even if it means starting with a blank slate. Seeking pleasure isn’t just about the physical; it’s about the exhilarating rush of self-discovery and acknowledging long-buried desires.

This is the story:

I am a former stripper struggling with my libido. People always think a stripper’s life is a nonstop sexy adventure..while they get the adventure part right, the nonstop sexy anything could not be farther from the truth.

The job is “supposed “ to be super sexy, right? Confident women are secure enough in themselves and their bodies and sex life to truly “bare it all”. To be a fantasy to men and other women, you can’t fake that! Can you? When I started dancing I was still a virgin. I was never confident in my body or in my sexual self. I had never had a boyfriend, just mostly male friends. I had never felt sexy or sexual at all. In fact, sex scared me!

I worked up the courage because I was going to prove to myself that absolutely was sexy and desirable. Not long into the job I did start to feel more confident..and obviously didn’t stay a virgin. But instead of meeting some and being secure in who I was growing up to be I really just picked someone to get it over with.. my best friend stood as my emotional guard in the next room.

I only needed the guy for his penis, and surely that would be all it took to have an amazing sexual experience. My best friend was there for the emotional..so I felt safe and had someone special to share the experience with.. starting to sound a bit disconnected, right? I had sex and the rush of revealing myself in an even more intense way than dancing but it was just something I did with my body. There was no emotion connected to the act, it’s just that. An act. What I thought was supposed to happen. So between the complete disconnect between mind and body, I also had a job where all the sexuality had to do with the outside. A dancer really has to turn that part that switches “off”.

So now I am 42, happily married to a man that is loving and supportive and I am applying to test a sex toy! I am 42 and trying so hard to get rid of the switch and learn to enjoy myself mind and body. I never would have thought that how I connected with myself would be such an enormous part of being able to be present in the moment and do what feels naturally good to me. So I’m trying to be naked and honest and try all the things that turn me on AND enjoy it.

It’s a journey that is a little (a LOT) late in “coming “ but that’s just where I am! I feel like part of this is trying things and being honest and asking for and trying everything that feels right to me. (Puns for days but hey, honestly? It’s turning me on.)

Written by: AvaJane

To Wrap It Up!

So, here’s a toast to those brave souls who dare to rewrite their sensual scripts, even when they feel they’re a tad late to the party. Whether you’re exploring new avenues of pleasure, or just trying to make peace with past choices, remember: it’s never too late to embrace your authentic self. And hey, if the journey involves a few puns and giggles along the way, all the better! After all, life’s a dance, and sometimes you’ve just got to move to your own rhythm, one risqué step at a time.

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