Vibrations in Unexpected Places: A Quiet Rumble in the Office

The Quest for Adventure in the Mundane

Ah, the daily grind. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Day in, day out, the same cycle. A quick coffee, a bit of small talk by the water cooler, and hours staring at screens and reports. But what if there was a little extra “buzz” to our otherwise humdrum day? A little thrill, a cheeky secret, something that just you and a special someone are privy to. Alright, I’m not suggesting everyone adopt this method, but it’s one way to keep the monotony at bay. If you’ve ever pondered about adding a hint of excitement to your day, this story is for you.

The Tech Behind The Tingle

We live in a digital age, folks. Our lives are governed by screens, be it phones, tablets, or computers. It’s no surprise that even our intimate toys have gotten a tech upgrade. Remote-controlled vibes, synced to phones, have emerged as this era’s wand of wonder. Ingenious, right? But, with great power (and innovation) comes great responsibility!

The Silent Hum in the Office Air

Picture this: A quiet day at the office, everyone engrossed in their tasks. The faint hum of the air conditioner, the occasional typing, and then…another hum. Subtle, but noticeable, especially when concentration levels are at their peak. Just imagine the pulse (pun intended) of the situation!

This is the story:

I and my bf at the time had to deal with a lot of long distances since he was away a lot at with work. we decided in order to keep things interesting and fun while he was so far away we’d get a remote-controlled vibrator. this was one of the ones that you could control on your phone as well so it wasn’t cheap.

We took it on a couple of test runs while I was out of the house shopping to test how loud it was compared to the sounds of the store. the ads always say that they’re so quiet they can’t really be heard but I can never trust it without checking myself.

After we decided it was quiet enough to wear to work I wore it the next day. Sadly I didn’t take into consideration how quiet it can get there sometimes during tests ect. so there i was sitting taking one of the company mandated tests in a room of all my co-workers.

The person at the front of the room finishes giving the instructions and reason for the test and everyone quiets down and gets to work. about midway into the test I look up and see the instructor staring at me. when I make eye contact he walks over. he says if I need to step out and take that call I can as the constant buzzing from my phone was becoming distracting.

I told him thank you I will and got up and left. I went to my boss and told him to take my test because I got sick. I was so embarrassed I never wore it to work again. I do wear it to the store still.

Written by: jesse c

The Brave New World of Playful Prowess

So, what have we learned from our daring protagonist’s escapade? Firstly, tech can indeed enhance our experiences, even the more personal ones. Secondly, location is key. And lastly, no matter how ‘whisper-quiet’ a device claims to be, always be prepared for the unexpected.

To Wrap It Up!

To those adventurous souls out there, kudos for keeping the spark alive, no matter the distance or the setting. And if you ever find yourself in a similar ‘buzzing’ bind, always have a quick exit strategy – like a sudden bout of sickness, perhaps?

Here’s to life’s little vibrations, may they always bring more chuckles than blushes!

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