When A ‘Buzzing’ Surprise Takes An Unexpected Turn!

The Unpredictability of Married Life

Ah, marriage! The age-old institution where two souls unite and life becomes a roller-coaster of emotions, surprises, and… erm, toys? For many newlyweds, the initial phase is all about setting foundations, planning the future, and occasionally trying not to burn dinner. Most couples anticipate challenges like managing finances or choosing whose turn it is to take out the trash. But, there’s always that one curveball you never see coming, right? Sometimes it’s a noisy neighbor or an unexpected pet (those raccoons can be sneaky). For others, it’s a spontaneous decision that leads to, let’s say, quite electrifying results.

Embracing The ‘Vibrant’ Moments

They say variety is the spice of life, and nothing adds zing to a relationship quite like unexpected surprises. Maybe it’s a sudden weekend getaway or an adventurous trek. Or sometimes, it’s introducing a little ‘buzz’ into the bedroom. It’s all fun and games until life decides to play a little prank on you. But hey, the best stories always have unexpected twists, right?

When Surprises Come in Tiny Packages

Life’s little surprises are often the most cherished. Whether it’s finding an extra fry at the bottom of the bag or discovering a hidden talent, these moments add a touch of magic to our lives. And then, there are those surprises that change your life forever. The kind that makes you rethink all your plans and fills your world with immense joy and a whole lot of baby laughter.

This is the story:

My wife and I were newly married and were focused on getting our lives started together. We both agreed we wanted kids, but wanted to wait a few years to get established.

A couple months into our marriage, she started having some adverse reactions to her birth control. The plan was to get off of it for a while, BE VERY CAREFUL, and then jump back on as soon as her doctor gave the orders. Well, we were very careful and pulled out like it was our sworn duty.

I decided to get her a spicy surprise before she got home from work one day and bought her first vibrator. I made sure it was charged and our bed was laid out perfectly. After a little shyness, she VERY quickly expanded her worldly views on toys. In less than 2 minutes, she was begging for both of us to finish…. together. In a heat filled moment of loving, thrusting, and throbbing, the dirty deed was done.

As we laid there sweating and swearing from our naughtiest encounter (up to that point), we knew the potential magnitude of what we just did but figured the risk was low enough that just one time  wouldn’t hurt.

Wellll, about 2 months later I came home to two pink lines and a very distressed lovey wife. I couldn’t be happier with how everything else happened after that and the gift of my little girl. My wife and I agreed that the secret of owing our daughters birth to a vibrator, should probably be kept just between us.

Written by: Rowdy Roy

To Wrap It Up!

Life’s unpredictability is what makes it beautiful. Just when you think you’ve got everything mapped out, it throws you a curveball, wrapped in a blanket, cooing at you. It’s a wild ride, filled with mischievous detours, unplanned pit stops, and delightful surprises. To all the couples out there: embrace the unexpected, cherish the spontaneous, and maybe, keep some secrets just between the two of you. After all, life’s too short for monotony. And as our tale suggests, some secrets are just too electrifying to share!

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