Long Drives and Unexpected Surprises

Every couple has “that” story. You know the one. It’s the tale that’s shared at gatherings or intimate dinners, bringing bouts of laughter, knowing glances, and the inevitable “You did what?!” reactions from friends and family. Often, these stories emerge from the most unexpected situations—like a spontaneous road trip, an impromptu dance in the rain, or a certain adventurous car ride. The beauty lies not just in the act, but in the spontaneity and the bond it strengthens between partners.

Why These Stories Matter

It’s easy to think that epic love tales only come from grand gestures, like the ones we often see in movies: gigantic bouquets of roses, surprise trips to Paris, or heartwarming proposals at the top of the Eiffel Tower. But more often than not, it’s the quirkiest, most unforeseen moments that stick. These stories formed out of the blue, resonate because they’re genuine, unique, and, most importantly, shared between two people.

This is the story:

Driving home from our first tubing/canoeing weekend together during which I had my period the whole weekend and nevermind being in the creek like that, but also sleeping in the tent and without a proper shower until we got back to the base camp where our car was parked. Still, it was like a group shower set up and barely lukewarm water, so I still felt a little gross.

My man walks out smelling amazing as usual and we are looking at an easy 3 hour ride home, which began with him driving first. So I get the idea that I’m gonna go ahead and make the best of it and offer him the best blowjob of his life to which he accepts wholeheartedly! So I told him I would take my turn driving when I was done and just to let me know if he wanted me to drive sooner by tapping on my shoulder.

Well I got into my “job” pretty seriously because I didn’t even realize when he tapped me on the shoulder we were in our driveway and I had been “down” the whole three hours! We still tell this story, 20 years later, to newlyweds as an adage to there being no lengths to which I wouldn’t go to please my man after all these years together. . .

Written by:  No!DaddyDon’t!

To Wrap It Up!

So, what’s the takeaway from all these stories? It’s that love and relationships are an unpredictable but delightful blend of emotions, events, and adventures. Those unscripted moments, which might even feel embarrassing or awkward at the time, end up as goldmines of cherished memories. The next time you find yourself in a bizarre situation with your partner, remember this: It could be the making of your own legendary couple story. Here’s to many more unexpected tales and the joy they bring to our lives!

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