Bedroom Mishaps: A Fiery Tale

Ah, the world of romantic exploration! Where we’re all amateur magicians, hoping the next trick up our sleeve will elicit more than just a round of applause. Many of us have ventured into the realm of playful experimentation, searching for that “aha” moment that makes our partner’s eyes widen. Most of the time, it’s an electric thrill or a giggle that ensues. But every so often, things might not go exactly as planned. And when they don’t? Well, they leave us with a story that’s too good to keep under wraps. Like that one time with the surprise lube – oh boy, buckle up!

The Unexpected Twist

Bedroom surprises. They sound intriguing, right? Most couples would nod with a knowing grin, recalling their moments of hilarity, success, or occasional missteps. Whether it’s a fun prop, a new move, or a unique product, the aim is almost always pure fun. But what happens when that element of surprise gets, let’s say, a little too hot to handle? It’s like ordering a spicy dish and getting the surprise of your lifetime. A cautionary tale? Sure. A laughable memory? Absolutely

This is a story we received:

Unfortunately this is my one and only playtime horror story. My husband and I are always looking for new ways to spice things up. We bring what we like to call bedroom surprises home for eachother all the time. At the time this happened we had been dating for about a year.

One day while browsing in a shop I found one of the heating/cooling enhancement lubes. We hadn’t used one before, so I bought it with intentions of testing it before we actually used it. I made the mistake of putting it in my bedside table. When he came over that night we are getting busy, he reaches in the drawer and grabs a toy and lube. He’s using these on me the sensation was a shock to me because I wasn’t expecting it and because we are caught up in the moment, I don’t think to tell him.

After a few minutes he ditches the toy and we are going at it. Things are just getting to the point of no return when he stops and says, “do you feel that?” I’m like feel what? He says to me, “I’m burning.” It hits me then that this is the lube we’ve never tried. So I explain and tell him its normal and he starts screaming that he’s on fire down there. He runs to the bathroom and jumps in the shower when he finally comes out he’s in a panic and says he needs to go to the hospital. When I look he is extremely red and swollen.

Our night ended embarrassed in the ER explaining what happened and finding out he is very much allergic to that lube. I honestly thought things were over between us at that point, but here we are married now. We laugh about it all the time, but we stay away from those types of lubes.

Written by: Suzzy

To Wrap It Up!

Ah, the pitfalls of passion! Life has this amusing way of throwing curveballs just when we’re trying to hit a home run. But isn’t it the unexpected twists and turns that make the journey worth traveling? Our adventurous duo learned an invaluable lesson that day: always, ALWAYS check the label! And maybe do a patch test if you’re thinking of venturing into unknown territory. Their fiery escapade wasn’t just about a night gone awry; it showcased resilience, humor, and the ability to face life’s unpredictable moments hand in hand. As they say, what doesn’t burn you (literally, in this case) makes your bond stronger.

To all the brave souls out there pushing boundaries, remember: that every exploration has its risks. But with laughter, love, and maybe a handy list of allergy-safe products, you’re set to conquer the world… or at least the bedroom!

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