When Alone Time Gets an Audience

So, you’ve settled into a quiet evening. The house is silent, save for the occasional hum of appliances. Perhaps there’s a glass of wine or a cup of tea resting nearby. It’s “me” time, and what follows is often a tale as old as time: relaxation, perhaps a little self-indulgence, and… a surprise audience? One of our readers, Cheri, gave us a sneak peek into one such evening. Now, we won’t unveil all the twists and turns, but let’s say there’s a reason some texts shouldn’t be taken at face value. Read on, chuckle, and maybe find a little inspiration for those unplanned evenings!

Quick Nuggets from Our Inbox

Solo Soirees: A whopping 75% of our readers have shared tales of embracing ‘me’ time, with unexpected results. Turns out, many of us aren’t as alone as we think!
The “I’ll be Late” Texts: Interestingly, 40% of our shared stories revolve around unexpected returns post the classic “I’ll be late” message. Note to self: always expect the unexpected.
Gadget Glee: Let’s just say toys aren’t just for kids. Nearly 70% of our tales involve a playful prop that adds a touch of zing to solo sessions. Always keep those batteries charged!

This is the story:

“Another long day had come to an end for a young mom to two toddlers, *ding* Cheri’s phone lit up with a text from her husband that read: “Hey sexy, just wanted to let you know work got extended a few more hours, I am so sorry! You go ahead and have dinner without me and I will hurry home as fast as I can. I love you!” Bummed, Cheri decided to skip dinner and take a relaxing bath since the kids were in bed already.

There is nothing quite like a relaxing bubble bath to take the edge off… Except maybe the new toy Cheri just got last week. Eyes closed and fingers teasing under the water, all Cheri could think about was her strong sexy husband storming in and bending her little ass over the side of the tub. But since it would be hours until he could come home, her new rabbit toy would have to suffice.

She sat on the edge of the tub, fantasizing about her husband being there, she traced her hard nipples down to her thighs and circled around her clitoris, teasing herself as she knew he would love to do. When she finally couldn’t resist any longer she let the vibrating head touch her hard little nub, mmm it felt so fucking good, she imagined how she would be begging “please daddy put that hard cock inside my tight wet pussy!”

She slowly slid the head of the toy in her wet cunt letting out a small moan. She imagined the smirk that would be on her husbands face watching her, “do you like that kitten?” She couldn’t help herself, she needed to be filled right then! Oh fuck that is a tight fit but it feels so good at the same time. She went to work sliding the rabbit in and out of her creaming pussy. Then switched to rocking the toy back and forth, the buzzing doing magic both inside and outside. “You’re my dirty little slut, aren’t you baby girl” she imagined her husband saying to her with lusty eyes and a cock hard as a tree.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck” she cried as her legs started to shake and her walks clenched around her toy. Before she could get another thrust in she already squirted all over her toy and hands. “Holy shit!” She sighed, sitting her toy down and slumping back into her bath.

“God damn baby, you are sexy as fuck!” Said her husband who must have snuck in early and watched the whole show. Blushing, Cheri said “oh I was so horny and I thought you were going to be hours before you got home!” “Yeah they let me leave early,” he said throwing his belt down and unbuttoning his jeans, “but daddy is here now and I’m going to put the little toy to shame!”

Written by: Redhotcheri

To Wrap It Up!

Cheri’s tale is a humorous testament to the unpredictability of life. While the humdrum routines of day-to-day might weigh us down, it’s these sudden detours that keep things spirited. And really, who doesn’t love a good twist, especially when it ends in laughter and a red face?

For all our readers out there, embrace those unplanned moments. They make the best stories, and as Cheri’s experience proves, they might just rekindle a spark or two. If you’ve had an evening of misadventures and giggles, we’re all ears. Share your tales, and let’s keep the laughter (and perhaps blushing) going. Until next time, cheers to life’s delightful little surprises!

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