New Adventures, New Toys, New Pleasures

Ah, life’s little pleasures! If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me, someone who appreciates the spicier things in life. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that our definition of “spicy” can evolve over time. Maybe once, for you, it was trying out a new flavor of ice cream, or perhaps binge-watching a mildly risqué TV series. But now? Now it’s diving head-first (pun intended!) into the vast ocean of adult toys and experiences. If you’re nodding your head and chuckling, this story will resonate. For those of you who are still dipping your toes, let me share an anecdote that will surely leave you thinking, “Well, why the heck not?”

The Rediscovery of Intimate Pleasures

Let’s face it; routines can get mundane. Sometimes, the daily grind takes away the zing of what once were electrifying encounters between the sheets. But as Jan’s tale highlights, age is just a number, and it’s never too late to reignite the spark and keep the flame alive (or in Jan’s case, transform it into a full-blown bonfire).

The Thrill of New Toys

If you’ve been to an adult shop or browsed one online, you’d know it’s like a candy store but for grown-ups. The options can be overwhelming, yet undeniably enticing. While some are hesitant to dive into this world, those brave enough to venture forth, like Jan, find that their investment often results in explosive dividends (quite literally!).

The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

As the saying goes, “Don’t knock it ’til you try it!” From the mundane missionary to the exuberant and experimental, embracing new experiences can lead to incredible satisfaction. Jan’s adventurous spirit and non-judgmental approach serve as an inspiration for all of us.

This is Jan’s story:

Let’s start out by saying I am a woman who loves to feel phenomenal sexually, at this point in my life. I thought that I had had an ok sex life up until this point but boy was I wrong wrong wrong!! I met a fantastic man who is 10 years my senior. He had a 30 year sexless marriage, mine was 15.

So he has not had a sex life besides the basic missionary and jerking off, not necessarily in that order, but boy he is delightfully making up for it now. Mine was the missionary. I really wasn’t into toys except for the boring back vibrator which I thought did the job and I have worn out about 5 of them and not in a long period of time, seriously!

With this man, he loves trying new things. The pleasure for me keeps getting better each time we are in bed, in all parts of the house, in the car and in other places, so I’ll end it there on that! We have tried new toys, (again starting out purchasing toys) and the next two that we want to purchase is a strap on hollow dildo for him. We are looking for one, which has been kind of difficult to find because he has a belly, so with that being said, Tracy’s Dog of course is my go to.

The next one is going to be the double sided dildo. The both of us will try anything. WE DON’T JUDGE OURSELVES! We have bought a few pleasurable items from this lovely site. The first one that we bought was the dildo with the clit sucker and that when he uses it on me I get delightfully crazy. Scream with pleasure out loud! Another was an 8”dildo with suction at the end at the balls. It is so life like. Unimaginable purchase at a prior time in our lives.

We want to try products to please both of us equally. We love to cum together. After I write this I am going to search for the strap on. I would LOVE to try out new toys for us and trust me you will get the truth on how much I like or dislike and why, with details.



Written by: Jan

To Wrap It Up!

Oh, the joys of exploration! Jan’s tale is a delightful reminder that life, especially the intimate side of it, can always offer something new. And while everyone’s preferences are different, the important thing is the journey of discovery and ensuring mutual pleasure. If you’re ever feeling a bit adventurous, or even if you’re just curious, remember that the world of adult toys is vast and varied. It might just introduce you to sensations you never knew existed! And as Jan so eloquently puts it, “HAPPY ORGASMS TO ALL!” So here’s to keeping things fun, interesting, and well… orgasmic. Cheers!

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