Navigating First-time Choices

From College Essays to Sensual Reads

Alright, let’s set the scene: You’ve nailed the high school life. The A’s, the scholarships, the countless club meetings – they’re all in the bag. Now, life is handing out an unexpected lesson, and nope, it’s not from a textbook. It’s all about tapping into that vast, pulsating world of… intimacy. The sort of lesson no guidance counselor prepped you for. And oh boy, isn’t it the most intriguing subject yet?

Here’s the deal, growing up can be weird, wild, and wondrous, especially when there’s an overload of curiosity and not enough information. The internet? It’s a goldmine, and sometimes, it throws a curveball in the form of online communities. But while these platforms can be a treasure trove of stories and experiments, they can also be a tad intimidating. After all, where does one even start?

The Secret World of Nighttime Adventures

Okay, hands up. Who else has resorted to turning regular household items into intriguing playthings during a midnight tryst? The hairbrush has never looked the same again, has it? And hey, creativity in times of need? Utterly commendable.

The (Not So) Mysterious Package Dilemma

Now here’s the kicker: the anticipation of ordering that first, actual toy. But between the societal side-eye and the ever-nosey roommate, it feels like a mission out of a James Bond flick. Stealth mode? Absolutely activated.

This is the story:

As someone who had moved around quite a lot, I’ve never had to opportunity to really explore intimacy. My entire life up until now has always been about my academics. In between extracurriculars and moving, I never really had time to form bonds with anyone or explore anything intimate.

Fast forward a few years, I’m 18, ready to go to college. Right after graduating HS, I joined a random Discord community out of curiosity. It was filled with many things, both lewd and wholesome. As I read through the messages, the elaborate stories in each roleplay, the erotic novels posted, or even the members’ personal experiences, I became hooked. I just wanted to find out more.

However, the pandemic caused me to move back in with my family, so I got in a habit of exploring on my own at night, when my family was asleep. I would make use of whatever tools I had at hand, hairbrushes, back massagers, even the handle of a toothbrush!

But each time, I would get more explorative, just to see how far I could push myself, or if I could find another new way to orgasm.

As of now, I still have not purchased or experienced a sex toy. It’s mostly due to the stigma behind it (and also the fear that my roommate may accidentally pick up my not-so-conspicuous package).

Now that I have my own place, I feel like I’m finally able to try it out, but I don’t really know what to get. Looking at the site, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things that pop up!

I look forward to any opportunity that’s put forth, and I’m open to trying anything, no matter how exotic or foreign it is. As long as it’s new, I’d like to try it out 🙂

Written by: Bob

To Wrap It Up!

As the chapter of college and late-night Discord sessions melds into a bright horizon of new experiences, there’s a world waiting to be explored. An exhilarating planet teeming with tantalizing toys, each promising a unique adventure. Feeling overwhelmed? Totally normal. Excited? Absolutely!

But here’s the thing, the essence isn’t just in the final destination (or the grand climax, if you will) but in the journey of discovery. Every new exploration, every chuckle at a weird-looking gadget, every raised eyebrow at a bold choice—it’s all part of the thrilling narrative.So, to all the curious souls out there: embrace the adventure, chuckle at the occasional missteps, and treasure each revelation. Because in the grand game of intimacy, it’s all about exploration, education, and an endless appetite for fun. Dive in, folks, the water’s splendid!

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