From Fashion to Function ‘Sex-cessories’

Ever had that moment when you buy a stunning pair of shoes, only to realize they’re… well, utterly uncomfortable? Perhaps, it’s the same with those jeans that look fabulous but seem to require a gymnast’s flexibility to wear. Now, imagine the same scenario, but in the bedroom. For many venturing into the realm of intimate accessories, it’s a familiar tale: seduced by aesthetic allure, only to find practicality might’ve been the smarter choice.

It’s not just about aesthetics, though. Diving headfirst into the world of intimate exploration, especially as a newbie, is like being handed a shiny new gadget with no user manual. The potential is endless, the results can be breathtaking, but the learning curve? It’s often more twisted than a game of Twister.

Navigating Queer Spaces and Alien-Like Gadgets

Every journey of intimate discovery is unique, more so when navigating queer spaces. The process is an intricate dance of understanding, communication, and occasional chuckles over tricky ‘sex-cessories’. Add in the allure of a beautifully crafted piece that turns out to be more of a puzzle than a pleasure enhancer, and you’ve got a hilarious anecdote in the making.

But isn’t that the joy of it all? From figuring out which strap goes where, to the shared giggles over unexpected faux pas, it’s these memories that make the journey worthwhile. It’s not just about reaching the destination but cherishing the voyage together.

This is the story:

My first experience trying to use a strap-on with another person made me realize I had 100% bought the wrong one. We had amazing time together, learning how to navigate queer sex together, how to use toys that seemed alien and intimidating, and how to communicate our needs.

I had bought a gorgeously colored, leather and soft strap-on with straps that were adjustable, however just not very quickly. It was a beautiful accessory, and in time I have grown to appreciate it. But as a first time user, I could have gone with something easier to adjust, and less attractive and more practical.

Learning to use sex-cessories like strap-ons have made me appreciate more of the value in being able to elevate your sexual experiences with toys and using them as a collaborative tool to getting to orgasm [yours or your partner(s)] and not thinking of them as something taboo and scandalous.

Written by: Venus

From Taboo to Tremendous

Let’s spill the beans: Intimate toys aren’t just about their endgame. They’re about the story, the shared experiences, and yes, sometimes the laugh-out-loud misadventures. And as our journey evolves, so does our understanding of what works best. While a dazzling but complex accessory might not be the first pick for a beginner, it surely holds a special place in our collection, reminding us of our explorative spirits.

To Wrap It Up!

For every individual embarking on their own path of intimate discovery, remember this: It’s okay to prioritize function over fashion at times. After all, the most important thing is to enjoy the process, and of course, the delightful results. And who knows? With time, patience, and a sprinkle of humor, even the most daunting ‘sex-cessory’ might just become your go-to favorite!

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