From a Hiatus to High Notes: The Awakening of Ashley’s Desires

When Life Puts Passion on Pause

Life has a peculiar habit of throwing us off the tracks. Just when we think we’re sailing smoothly, there comes a curveball, making us question everything. For many, especially the reserved souls among us, the intimate side of life often takes a back seat. It’s not that the passion fizzles out; it’s just locked away, waiting for the right nudge. Enter Ashley: a woman who, after years of self-imposed retreat, has emerged like a phoenix, ready to embrace her desires.

Recall those teenage years when the word ‘sex’ had us blushing cherry-red? Well, for some, that sentiment lingered a bit too long. From awkward sex-ed classes to a tryst with adulthood challenges, it’s not always a smooth ride. Toss in a pinch of self-doubt, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for passion procrastination.

A Twist in the Tale: Rediscovering the Sparks

But stories, as we know them, have twists. And Ashley’s life was no exception. Sometimes, it takes a mere unexpected neighborly interaction to stir things up. Ah, the power of proximity! And then, there’s the marvel of modern intimacy – the world of toys and tantalizing tech. For those who’ve been on a sabbatical from the world of passion, the latest tools of temptation are like discovering a new world. A world where every exploration leads to self-assurance and shared excitement.

Love, Lust, and Learning in the Modern Age

Finding someone who’s on the same page, especially when it comes to rediscovering and reigniting those passions, is like hitting the jackpot. Age? Just a number. It’s the connection, the mutual curiosity, and the shared desire to explore that counts. And when two souls sync up in this journey of intimate exploration, every revelation becomes a celebration.

Ashley’s story:

I used to love sex…. Then I got sober! Growing up I never slept around and waited ‘til I was almost 18. Sec was an embarrassing topic at my house and never discussed. I was given a Birds and the bee’s book around 3rd- 4th grade and had 6 weeks of a co-ed sex education class in 4th grade.

I became an addict around 28, I was a practicing addict until then. I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was on top of my first kid’s dad. I was around 22 I think and it was a very rare occasion during sex and seemed to take forever during oral which made me feel like I should fake it 24/7. The O’s on top stopped after him and I have never had one during any type of sex since then. Depending on my mood and level of comfort I can during oral but unless stimulated it takes too long!!

I have now been sober for almost 15 years split from my 2nd husband now for 7 and until recently had just given up on men/sex/dating for the last 7 years! Not having the extra confidence drugs or drinking gave me really took its tale on me. For the last 7 years I literally never went out, had people over or even chatted on Facebook or any social media platforms? It’s not that I didn’t have offers I just was not ok with myself! I started making the comment that unless he moved in next door, came to knock a few times and then beat my door down I would be alone. Every so often I would pull out my old trusted vibrator but just because I knew I was been super “bitchy”.

Then 8 months ago he moved in next door and then without a 2nd thought was able to burst through my amazing defense!! He was able to awaken things in me I thought dead. It was not a healthy relationship just like all the others before. I started craving sex though and found 2 sites to check out the new toys and such. I ordered the first one with free gift about 2 months ago and then another last month and what’s even better??? I have met the most amazing, caring and beautiful guy! He is 10 years younger than me, 46 and 35.

My self-conscious issues have now surfaced again even though I know he wants me. We have just started to explore and he asked me about toys and porn! I can’t wait to find all his do’s and Sony’s and thought this would an amazing way for us to get to know each other more. What better way to get reviews from someone new and growing as well. He is just as excited about exploring our options so I would love to surprise him with the news we can test products!

Thank you for your time,


Written by: Ash8225

To Wrap It Up!

In conclusion, there’s no age or ‘right time’ to reconnect with one’s desires. Whether you’ve been on a hiatus, nursing heartbreak, or just haven’t found the right rhythm yet – remember, it’s never too late. From the tales of Ashley’s around the world, there’s a universal truth: life might put passion on pause, but the play button is always within reach. All it takes is a little nudge, an open heart, and perhaps a toy or two.

So, to everyone rediscovering their sparks, whether with a partner or solo – here’s to new experiences, belly laughs, and toe-curling moments. After all, as they say, the best is yet to come… or should we say, ‘come’?

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